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The female nude has always been central to the history of art, although the male nude has also attracted artists. Nowadays, even though Western society is quite liberal, the image of a naked male body still causes discomfort, whereas in the ancient world it was the male nude figure that was associated with beauty. For centuries, the popes covered the intimate parts of male sculptures in the Vatican. The body part of Michelangelo's copy of David Michelangelo, standing in a London museum, was covered by a large fig leaf, which was specially made after that part of the body shocked Queen Victoria. As a rule, in paintings by the great masters the male body was hidden under the drapery.

I felt a certain sense of injustice that this subject has received less attention in painting. Therefore, inspired by the works of the recognized masters and the architecture of the male body, I decided to dedicate my work to the male nude figure. In fact, the nude body depicted by the artist can be a symbol of purity, beauty and noble feelings, can convey emotions, but at the same time can be vulgar and even repulsive. It is not all down to the artist's skill here, but to how finely the artist feels this line.


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